About the Johnny Warren Football Foundation

To enhance the spirit of the celebration the Greatest Ever Australian Footballer is supporting the Johnny Warren Football Foundation (JWFF) as its official charity. This is an important initiative and we hope that by participating you will also be able to support the charity.

Named after the late, great footballer, author and broadcaster, Johnny Warren considered football a religion and took it upon himself to spread the joy of the round ball game throughout Australia. Warren wanted to make football available to the masses, regardless of circumstances.

The Foundation is dedicated to improving player and coach development, providing football education. Recently, the Foundation has begun to encourage a love of the game to disadvantaged and indigenous Australians throughout the country.

The Foundation’s unique work provides opportunities for some of Australia’s most disadvantaged children to play football for the first time. We host football camps in rural and regional Australia, provide children with equipment and apparel, and importantly, we provide training and education for coaches and volunteers so that new football teams and programs can be established in these areas.

The Foundation raises the bar for football in Australia, by providing an integrated athlete pathway from club to elite level by bringing the best coaching and technical expertise to Australia. The Foundation provides a substantial lift to the game through harnessing the vision of Johnny Warren in developing the Australian style of football. All proceeds support the JWFF.